Heroes Required


"Goldberg was walking outside a gym when Charlie-27 suddenly appeared. Goldberg is going to teach Charlie a lesson how to walk to Goldberg.


  • Goldberg: "Hey you!
  • Charlie-27: "What?"
  • Goldberg: "Do you know how to walk in front of me?"
  • Charlie-27: "Are you kidding?"
  • Charlie-27: "I am a space militia and the member of the original Guardians Of The Galaxy, what do you want?"
  • Goldberg: "Prove me!"
  • Charlie-27: "Earthlings, always dying for skills."
  • Goldberg: "If I beat you, I will walk on your..."
  • Charlie-27: "Beat me if you can, ball-head."

Special Condition

  • Goldberg will take reduced damage from Charlie's counter attacks and melee unarmed attacks.
  • Charlie-27 starts with 5% more stats, but has lower health.



Each character will have 1 turn.


Assuming you have Level 9 Goldberg.

It's gonna be a little hard battle for Gold, since actually Charlie is going to just counter Gold away. But this time, he is going to take less damage from Charlie's melee unarmed attacks. First, it's Gold's turn. It's just the first time, so use Gold's L1, Brawl to inflict Combo Setup, so Charlie is easier to be defeated. Now it's Charlie's turn. Charlie is going to use his L1, Jupiter Combo to deal some pain to Gold, lucky Gold takes less damage from that. It's Gold's turn again. To turn the tides lightly, use his L6, Who's Next which is a Quick Action and grants Combat Awareness, Strengthened and Focused. Because it's a quick actioni, immediately use his L2 to deal more damage since Charlie got Combo Setup. It's Charlie's turn now. Charlie is going to use his L6, Jovian Smash. This is going to be a real pain for Gold, and not to mention Charlie constantly gains Enraged. Gold's next. Now, use his Jackhammer to deal great damage to Charlie. Charlie is going to be at low health. Now it's Charlie's turn. Charlie is gonna use his L2, Venusian Cyclone. Luckily, Gold still has more health than Charlie, but he has distracion. Gold's L6 is now refreshed. Use it to re-focus Gold so the distraction don't really do much cause. Now, use his L9, Jackhammer again to finish off Charlie.

Primary Reward

  • WWE Professional E-ISO for Goldberg
    • Goldberg will gain 10% more attack every turn he is attacked or attacking an enemy.
    • All of Berg's attacks now Removes Buffs and deals extra damage to Bruisers.
  • Jupiter Galileo E-ISO for Charlie-27
    • Charlie's L9, Ground Of Jupiter now has Fatal Blow.

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