As first appeared on the now deleted M:AA Fanfic Wiki 2, July 1, 2014‎

Venom is loose in the streets! We sent in Captain America, Wolverine & Ms Marvel, but we've lost contact. Luckily, Spider-man is on the scene. 


Spider-man unique passives:

  • Spider healing: restores health over time. Reduces bleeding by one round. 
  • Spider-sense overdrive: Increased chance to dodge

Enemies: Venom Avengers

  • Venom Captain America (Tactician) (Round 1)
  • Venom Wolverine (Scrapper) (Round 2)
  • Venom Ms Marvel (Blaster)  (Round 3)

Heroic Battle:

Spider-man: Hey, H.Q said you....Uh-oh!

Venom: Just in time, Spider-man. Just in time to die!

Venom Captain America: Weak!

Venom Wolverine: Useless!

Venom Ms Marvel: Pathetic!

Spider-man: Well, those stung a little. 

Round One: (Venom Captain America)

Venom Captain America: He think's your useless, and irresponsible. Did you know that? 

Spider-man: I think you need a shower. Did you know that?

(Mid-fight, when Venom is at half health)

Venom Captain America: I will destroy you!

Spider-man: Buddy, get in line. You'll be somewhere behind Mysterio, It think. 

Round 2: (Venom Wolverine)

Venom Wolverine: I'm gonna gut you, bub!

Spider-man: See, that would be a threat, if Logan didn't say that to everyone on a daily basis. 


Venom Wolverine: Stand still!

Spider-man: Only if you promise to stop trying to stab me, shorty. 

Round three: (Venom Ms Marvel)

Venom Ms Marvel: You wouldn't hit a lady, would you?

Spider-man: All I see is an it.

Spider-man: Not talking about you, Carol. 


Venom Ms Marvel: Do you want to know her true feelings about you?

Spider-man: And you smell funn-

Spider-man: Wait. What?


Webbed Iso: restores some health overtime. (Spider-man only)

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