Class - Scrapper


  • Pack of Dogs - Hellhounds never attack alone, so hellhounds will continue to join in counter and Follow Up Attacks.
  • Burning Fur - Melee Attackers will take fire damage and will be applied Pyrophoric


Counter/Follow Up

  • Bite. Type - Slashing. Target - One Enemy. Debuff - Weakened, Exposed(if weakened is already applied). Special Abilities - High Crits, Follow Up Attack.

Other Moves

  • Surround. Type - Debuff. Target - One Enemy. Debuff - Cornered, Hobbled, Incapitation.
  • Running Attack. Type - Melee. Target - One Enemy. Special Abilities - Exploit Oppurtunity, Dedly Crits, Stealthy, True Strike. Buff - Steadfast, Nimble.

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