Class: Tactician

Bio: Orphaned at a young age by the most powerful Dark wizard in history, Harry was set on a journey of suspense and danger. Armed with only his trust wand, firebolt and best friends, he is ready for whatever will come his way. 


Saving-people-thing: Protects all allies from single-target & area attacks. 

The Boy who lived: Once per battle, Harry will survive being K.O'd & be revived to full health with all debuffs removed. 

Legendary story: Inspires all allies when K.O'd. All allies gain truestrike. 

Accio Firebolt!: 10% chance to fly away from an attack. Gains 'Flying' for three rounds. 

Master duelist: chance to pre-empt an anemy's attack with Level 6


Level 1: 

Stupefy!: One enemy. Ranged. 60% chance to cause incapacitation. 20% chance to cause stun

Level 2 A:

Portego!: Creates a magical shield around himself. 

Level 2B:

Episkey!: Heals an ally by 20% of their health. 50% chance to clear away debuffs. 

Level 6:

Expelliarmus!: One enemy ranged debuff. Applies depower to enemy. 

Level 9 A:

Imperio: One enemy debuff. 3-round cooldown. Applies mind controll. 

Level 9 B: 

Crucio!: One enemy. Debuff. 4-round cooldown. Applies Pain, weakened & exposed

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