Class: Blaster

Health: 3/5

Stamina: 3/5

Attack: 4/5

Defense: 3/5

Accuracy: 4/5

Evasion: 3/5


  • Updating Protocols
    • After being attacked, all HK-47's attacks gain additional effects based on the class of the attacker.
      • If attacked by a Blaster, all HK-47's attacks apply Impaired and Weakened
      • If attacked by a Bruiser, all HK-47's attacks apply Neutralized and Melt Armor
      • If attacked by a Scrapper, all HK-47's attacks apply Winded and Fumbling
      • If attacked by a Infiltrator, all HK-47's attacks apply Off-Balance and Disoriented
      • If attacked by a Tactician, all HK-47's attacks apply Exhausted and Flanked
  • Assassin Droid
    • Deals extra damage to stunned, incapacitated, or immobilized enemies.


  1. Debilitation Protocol (Energy Gun Ranged) - Single target, 2 hits.
    1. Pressure Points
    2. Bleeding
    3. Hobbled
  2. Incapacitation Protocol (Energy Gun Ranged) - Single target, 1 hit.
    1. Stun (50%)
    2. Cornered (75%)
    3. Immobilized (75%)
  3. Excruciation Protocol (Energy Gun Ranged) - Single target, 1 hit.
    1. Pain x3
    2. Bleeding
    3. Ravaged
    4. Mental Anguish
  4. Assassination Protocol (Gun Energy Ranged) - Single target, 1 hit.
    1. Guaranteed Hit
    2. Fatal Blow
    3. Brutal Strike
    4. Paragon Exploiter

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