Class - Bruiser.

Uniform - Classic

Cost - 10 CP

Passives/New Buffs

  • Super Sayian - Resistant to Melee and Ranged Attacks.
    • Gains Kamie after being attacked.
  • Determined - Immune to Stun, Incapitation, and Fear Effects.
  • Flying - Immune to Ground Attacks.

New Buffs

  • Kamie - Increases damage of Kamie-Hamie-Ha! and Super Kamie-Hamie- Ha. Raises Attack and Defence by 10%. Stacks to 5.
  • World Spirit - Aborbs Energy of the Earth, preparing to make a Spirit Bomb.
    • If Attacked there's a 30% chance for Spirit Bomb to Fail.
    • Allies Attacks take 20% less Stamina.


  1. Brawl. Target - One Enemy. Type - Unarmed Melee. Debuff - Wide Open, Staggered. Special Abilities - Exploit Combos, High Crits.
  2. Kamie-Hamie-Ha. Target - One Enemy. Type - Ranged Energy. Debuff - Blinded, Weakened. Special Abilities - High Crits, Deadly Crits, Exploit Opportunity. Buff - Kamie.
    1. Super Kamie-Hamie-Ha. Target - All Enemies. Type - Ranged Energy. Debuff - Exposed. Special Abilities - Exploit Weakness, Deadly Crits, High Crits, Brutal Strike.
  3. Share you're Energy With Me. Type - Buff. Target - Self. Buff - World Spirit.
    1. Spirit Bomb. Type - Energy Explosion Ranged. Target - All Enemies. Special Abilities - Deadly Crits, High Crits, Ignore Defense, Requires World Spirit. Debuff - Asleep.
  4. Sensu Bean. Type - Buff Heal Magic. Target - One Ally. Buff - Epiphany,Oshtur's Boom. Special Abilities - Quick Action, Tenatious. Cool Down - 2 Rounds.

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