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my ideas for maa:1#synergy

1#-synergy of heros-Explanation

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i am Participanting in talks in the pd forum and i saw somthing very interesting about Cloak and Dagger,inside there were a little discussion about synergy of my blog i'm doing thing like this.

this  is with Examples like Cloak and Dagger but i'm not making them.


I thought to make a passive synergy,my Example for now is two who can be great with this buff:  Daimon Hellstrom and satana, satana gets "Succubus synergy" as passive, the effect is: "If fights near a Demon unlocks

hidden Potential". iron fist gains new set of attacks from his Level 9 skil,synergy can do it  with be with the right hero. at some level,season 2  is doing it:heroic battle gives new buff just for this fight and  you need the Specific heroes for that. and there the robots:Vision and Omega Sentinel. Omega Sentinel chenges passive,class and skils by one skill. vision is the Same. 

what wil synergy do

like in my Example of satana:satana gets "Succubus synergy" as passive, the effect is: "If fights near a Demon unlocks hidden Potential" daimon gets:"Netheranium synergy" with the effect:"if  fights near a demonic realm creture unlocks hidden Potential" and if you Activate it then  in there Case thay becoming this: but it wil stil left there normel passives


passive:Netheranium Potential-new Abilities has been unloked

passive2:Circle of lost Souls-has a chance to make Enemies "lost soul"

skill1: demonic Fists

Target :  one enemy 

Total damage :300

Hit\Critical :90%\30%

  1. of hits:3

Type :Melee Unarmed Fire

Animation:Flying to the target with a punch and then returns while she gives another two punches and then return to her place


Infernal Magicks

Fatal Blow

50% chance to lost soul-soul got eaten by satana,geins Damage every turn (2 rounds)

after skill2:Inner Reflection(if had bane while used Summon Rider)

skill2:fire hallstorm

Target :all enemies

Total damage : 300-400

Hit\Critical :90%\30%

  1. of hits: 2

Type :Magic

Animation:Summoning fire tornedo from hell


after skill2:Path to Damnation(if had sin while used Summon Rider)



skill3:Summon Rider

Target :all enemies

Total damage : 300-350

Hit\Critical :90%\30%

  1. of hits: 1

Type :Magic

Animation:Summoning Ghost Rider


Corrupt Offering

Ride til death-Lends a few buffs from ghost rider to the naxt 3 rounds

skill4:Soul eater

Target :self

Hit\Critical :100%

  1. of hits: 1

Type :Magic

Animation:Summons a Spiculum and eats his soul


all attacks are now expoloite lost soul


new Example And explanation

but there are like Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch  and Magneto, who Better  in robotic style synergy ,plus their synergy is more Complicated .

Quicksilver gets:"Magnetic synergy", Magneto get "reality synergy" and Scarlet Witch get "Supersonic synergy"

with the right partner their  lavel1 skill becomes:

Scarlet Witch:Supersonic power

Quick Action

Supersonic Potential-gaind new power from her partner

Magneto :real deal

Quick Action

reality Potential-gaind new power from his partner

Quicksilver:Electromagnetic synergy

Quick Action

reality Potential-gaind new power from his partner

i'l continue this Later or tomarow. so?

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