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I had this idea a while back based on how I wished some characters in this game could have more moves, as not very character has more than four. I forgot about it, but now that E-ISO and A-ISO are in the game it isnt too far-fetched in my opinion.

Functional ISO-8 is a type of ISO that sockets into a certain move like A-ISO, but instead of augmenting the move it makes the move multi function, with the option of using a different type of move instead. The multi-function would not go beyond two and would have all its abilities stated as if it was a move you could socket (sorta like in MAAT). You would only buy these in the store, or they wouldnt be in the store and they would be rewards. There wouldn't be any non-specific ones that you can buy, all would be character specific. The idea of it is to give heroes new moves, fun to try out, but each move would allow that hero to work with a group they have never worker with before.

Hero Specific would be something like this.

Smashing F-ISO (Iron Man's L2)

  • Adds Ground Pound as a second move option.
  • Ground Pound is a Ranged Ground Attack with the same hit chance/crit chance as missile barrage.
  • Has a 40% chance to Stun at hits all enemies.

This gives Iron man the ability to stun, while also giving him a ground attack, which can help with Avalanche. This is rather specific, however, a slightly more general version would be like this.

Blasting F-ISO (War Machine's L6)

  • Adds Shotgun Blast as a second move option.
  • Shotgun Blast is a Ranged Gun Attack with the same hit/crit chance as Minigun Barrage.
  • Hits all enemies, applying Staggred and Hemmorhaging.

This would allow War Machine to stagger enemies, not a bad debuff, while also making him playable with heroes that work around bleeding. To get EVEN MORE general,

Focused F-ISO (Hawkeye's L9)

  • Adds Sharp Shooter as a second move option.
  • Sharp Shooter is a Debuff Quick Action move.
  • Applies Target Focus to all enemies. Shared cooldown with Pinpoint Target.

This would just make Hawkeye help setup for others attacks instead of just helping himslef with Pinpoint Target.

What do you guys think? Does this seem plausible, is it a good idea? Do you want more examples? Leave any feedback in the comments, I would love to hear comments!

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