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Felix dialogue (ignore background, focus on felix)

Bio: Hero of the Game "Fix-It Felix Jr.", Fix-It Felix leads a happy life. However, his entire view of life changed the moment he met Sergeant Calhoun. After a long, difficult, and life-changing experience for all, He and Calhoun were wed. Though his life as a hero does not change. Now, leading a normal life as a repairman in a video game, Felix does his best to serve others in both the gaming world and the real one.

Character Info

Felix portrait

Felix Portrait Art

Battle Name: Fix-It Felix

Type: Generalist

Uniform: Classic Fix-It Felix

Stats: HP 2/5, Stam 4/5, Att 2/5, Def 4/5, Acc 5/5, Evas 3/5

Organizations: Disney Animation

Passive 1: I CAN FIX IT! - Removes debuffs every round.

Sub-Passive: Game Mode(shares with any Spawn Point Character)






Team-Up Bonuses

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