Spiked Lockbox - That's one really spiky lockbox. (Bowser)

Unforgivable Lockbox - Keeping it is unforgivable. (Voldemort)

Great and Powerful Lockbox - Associated with a great and powerful unicorn. (Trixie Lulamoon)

Destructive Lockbox - This one holds destructive powers. (Destroyer)

Nightmare Lockbox - It was forged in a night that lasted forever. (Nightmare Moon/Princess Luna)

Angry Lockbox - It curses a lot. (Angry Video Game Nerd)

Nostalgic Lockbox - It remembers stuff so you don't have to. (Nostalgia Critic)

Chaotic Lockbox - Chaos is a wonderful, wonderful thing. (Discord)

Changeling's Lockbox - This lockbox impersonated another. (Queen Chrysalis)

Solar Lockbox - Bright and fiery, like the sun. (Princess Celestia)

Vile Lockbox - It's more than a match for your ancient weapons. (Vile from Megaman X)

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