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Character bio

The Great Marlquaan Storm of 2012 forever changed the life of Eric Stanley Opendi, when he was transformed into an Emotion Battery Marlquaanite. With incredible reality-warping abilities that fed off the attitude energies of others, Eric became the Horror of the Haughty - Extirpon. He became the go-to hero in the Gerosha Chronicles dimension for dealing with the kinds of criminal scum that the law couldn't touch. He carried out the necessary executions too horrifying for other heroes to perform. While he doesn't always kill, his goal is to humiliate the pridefully wicked at every turn - using their own pride energy against them to manifest their worst fears on them.

Moveset and passives

Extirpon in Avengers Alliance is a clone of the original Extirpon. This clone taps into the Power Cosmic as a substitute for the Marlquaan. He has to learn, much like the original, how to unlock the Positive Battery. For the sake of convenience, he would be introduced in gameplay as having already unlocked it. His ability to switch between Negative and Positive Battery movesets would be similar to Cable's ability to switch between techno and organic movesets.

The Positive Battery would make him behave more like Rescue.

  • L1: Purple Flame (One enemy, 155-386 damage. Adds Burning and Soulfire debuffs.)
  • L2: Defiance Healing (Self and allies, restores 50% of lost health to each teammate. Removes all debuffs.)
  • L6: Tarantula Bath or Positive Battery.
    • Tarantula Bath: One enemy. Forces enemy to cough up tarantulas and get bitten. Adds Biofeedback debuff. 300-450 damage.
    • Positive Battery: Unlocks the Positive Battery uniform and associated abilities.
  • L9: Shipping Costs (All enemies. 400-500 damage. Can only be used once every five turns. Small enemy chance to dodge. Drops a ship on top of enemies. On enemies with under 25% health, causes instant Epic Overkill.)
  • Flying
  • Smell Your Pride (similar to Ghost Rider's Eye of Judgment)
  • Turn Invisible (similar to Invisible Woman's move)
  • Foolish Pride (debuff inflicted on enemies, similar to the Sin debuff, makes active moves more powerful.)

  • L1: Blinding Light (All enemies, 120-250 damage. Adds Blinded debuff.)
  • L2: Charity Healing (Self and allies. Restores 100% health to each teammate. Removes all debuffs. Can only be used once every 3 turns.)
  • L6: Cherished Protector or Negative Battery
    • Cherished Protector (Puts a shield on all allies, stronger than Dr. Strange's Shield of the Seraphim. Can only be used once every 2 turns.)
    • Negative Battery: Return to Negative Battery mode.
  • L9: Pep Talk (Affects allies, but not self. Restores 100% stamina to allies.)
  • Morale Boost (Self and allies)
  • Flying
  • Feed on Your Courage (Allies' additional buffs makes his moves stronger.)

Recruitment quote

Our worlds are very similar, Agent. The haughty sadists of this one will soon learn why their counterparts now cower.

Team-up Bonuses

  • Sodality: Bonus for teaming up with any other member of the Sodalities of Gerosha or Florence. (Examples: Emeraldon, Sapphire King, Taterbug, Pilltar, Strawberry, Navyrope, Gray Champion, Mapacha, Cocklebur, Purge-Flare, Hea Pang, Tiffany Sterlie, Ciem, Jackrabbit, Botan the Plant-Man, Earwig, Mukade, Feruga, and Meerkat.)
  • Part of the Fleet: Dozerfleet Heroes.
  • Bloodlust: Any heroes that can cause bleeding.
  • Antihero: Any other hero with him and both are violent vigilantes.
  • Highway to Hell: Teams up with Ghost Rider, Damion Hellstrom, or any other character associated with damnation.

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