DOTA2 Lich


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Etheain the Lich can be recruited for 48 CPs.

Etheain the Lich: If you're strong enough to survive low temperatures, Agent, and I mean REALLY low, we'll fight side by side. If not... it was a pleasure to meet you.


BlasterLich's attacks against Bruisers are critical and ignore defense.
Tacticians' attacks against Lich grant them Effect BG 3 GreenEffect Icon 076 Tactical Maneuvers.


  • Health: 2/5
  • Stamina: 3/5
  • Attack: 4/5
  • Defense: 2/5
  • Accuracy: 3/5
  • Evasion: 4/5


  • Defense of the Ancients
    • Member of Dota2 character roster
    • Allied Dota2 attacks gain Coldsnap, being critical against Chilled targets
  • The Frozen Lord
    • Enemies gain Frostbound at every round
    • Additional damage shatters to all enemies when Frostbound targets are attacked
  • Flying
    • Immune to Ground attacks


Frost Blast
  • Level 1: Frost Blast
    • Type: Ice, Magic, Ranged
    • Target: One enemy
    • Special: Coldsnap (Always crits against Chilled targets)
    • One enemy: Deathfrost (Deals damage and reduces stamina over time; Counts as Chilled)
    • One enemy: Frozen (Reduces Evasion to 0)
Ice Armor
  • Level 2: Ice Armor
    • Type: Buff
    • Target: One ally
    • Cooldown: 1 Round
    • One ally: Frozen Armor
      • Shield effect absorbs incoming damage
      • Enemies take Ice damage when attacking
      • Damage taken by attacking enemies triggers Frostbound
    • All allies: Fortified (Increases defense by 25%)
  • Level 6: Sacrifice
    • Type: Magic, Ranged
    • Target: One enemy
    • Cooldown: 2 Rounds
    • Special: Stealthy (Ignores Protection and Counter effects)
    • Special: Coldsnap (Always crits against Chilled targets)
    • One enemy: Exhausted (Cannot gain extra turns)
    • One enemy: Drain Stamina (Reduces target's stamina)
    • Self: Extra Turn (Grants an additional turn)
    • Self: Stamina Recharge (Restores Stamina)
    • Self: Cryotherapy (Restores health)
Chain Frost
  • Level 9: Chain Frost
    • Type: Ice, Magic, Ranged
    • Target: All enemies
    • Cooldown: 2 Rounds
    • Special: Coldsnap (Always crits against Chilled targets)
    • Special: Brutal Strike (Ignores Resurrection effects)
    • Special: Shield Slam (Deals extra damage if Lich is affected by Shield effects)
    • Special: Follow-up Attack (Triggers a follow-up attack for each enemy hit)

Themed Weapons

Ethreain the Lich has a themed weapon, Arcane Sacrificer.

Team-Up Bonuses

  • Arcane Arts: Heroes who use magic
  • Aviary: Any pair of Flying Heroes
  • Biting Cold°: Lich and Iceman/Mawro
  • Defense of the Ancients°: Heroes who are Dota2 members
  • Bonuses with ° are originally created

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