Ok, im bored. Heres something just completely random.

Heroes Required: Elsa/TWG, Jack Bauer/TWG, Doctor Who/TWG

Villains: Giratina/PowerlessPaul, Dialga/PowerlessPaul. Palkia/PowerlessPaul (NOTE: The Villains are actually heroes, But so were Ares and Thor, right?)

Special Character passives

All 3 Opponents: Relentless

Palkia: Liquid Absorbtion: Healed by Ice and Water attacks.

Giratina: Shadow Form: Immune to all Gun and Melee attacks.

Dialaga: Master of Time: When not In Time Shift, immune to Temporal and Sonic Attacks.

Jack Bauer: Fearless: Immune to Fear effects.

Battle Info

An Incursion Giratina, Dialga, and Palkia have appeared, and they are reeking havoc everywhere. A city evacuation has been ordered by CTU, but Jack Bauer, as is his normal self, refused to evacuate and is working on stopping the threat. He's called on a couple of friends, because not one man can do this alone. Elsa and The Doctor are on the scene to help him.


All three opponents will typically take the first turn. However, rarely do they attack on this turn. Dialga will use Time Shift, similar to Kang's, but different in that he can only be hit by "Someone in the same time period. Ignore True Strike" and temporal attacks. Giratina will build up Shadow Force on his turn, making him take no damage from non-Ice attacks. Palkia will then use Spacial Rend, but a different version which gives him the effect, Shifting through Space, guaranteeing dodges form all attacks that do not have true strike.

I think this makes the battle self-evident. Elsa's Target is weak to ice. Doctor Who's Target is weak to temporal. Jack's target can only be hit by guaranteed hit and true strike, and is a blaster.

Continue fighting with this strategy, and the fight should be easier. Giratina can apply Fear effects with Shadow Force, so having Elsa's alternate uniform will help her. Jack is already immune to them with his Fearless passive. When they attack, the Dragons can hit realy hard. Thus, it is best to have the Doctor Phase as quickly as possible. Though Gira could still hit him, Elsa freezes him, making him unable to attack, and freezing Shadow Force, wasting the 2nd turn.

As well, Having Doctor Who's separate outfit will assist in having the enemies hit less often because of, "Bow Ties are Cool".

Empowered Iso-8

Elsa: Royal ei8 - No Rules for Me - Elsa adds disadvantage to her attacks. All buff abilities energize team.

Jack Bauer: Stubborn ei8 - Hardheaded - Immune to Disoriented and Mind Control

Doctor Who: Compassionate ei8 - Saviour of the Universe - When Doctor Who is in battle, All allies remove a debuff when hit. Chance to apply a 1 round Phased when attacked(Doctor Only).

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