Eirin Yagokoro is a medical genius from the Moon, able to create even the Hourai Elixir with the help of Kaguya's power, the manipulation of eternity. She is living in exile in Gensokyo after choosing to stay with and devote herself to Kaguya Houraisan on Earth rather than take her back to the Moon. She was a very well-known figure on the Moon, having not only been instrumental in the founding of Lunar society with Lord Tsukuyomi, but also being its leading medical mind and the person in charge of the Moon's emissaries to the Earth.

Class: Blaster

Gains Focused Attacks when attacking or attacked by Bruisers. Attacks are guaranteed to crit and ignore defense.


Pharmacist - grants Panacea Response to all allies. 70% chance to remove a debuff each turn.


L1 - Aim of Hawkeye

  • Ranged
  • One Enemy
  • (special) Rapid Fire - 50% chance to perform a follow-up attack. Can trigger multiple times.
  • (special) Targeted Shot - chance to apply Targeted before attacking.
  • (enemy) Bleeding - takes damage each turn and when attacking.
  • (enemy) Dizzy - accuracy decreased by 25%

L2 - Elixir

  • Buff Heal
  • 2 round cooldown
  • One Ally
  • (ally) Restore Stamina
  • (ally) Rising Up - gains either Fortified, Strengthened, Focused, or Agile.
  • (ally) Buildup - causes either Cosmic Energy, Force Field, Recuperation, Regeneration, or Teresing Boost.

L6 - Attack Potions - Multi-Function

Explosive Potion

  • Ranged Fire Explosive
  • One Enemy
  • (enemy) Exposed - defense decreased by 25%
  • (enemy) Pyrophoric - nearby fire and explosive attacks may chain to this target, causing extra damage.
  • (enemy) Burning - takes damage each turn and when attacking.

Poison potion

  • Ranged Bio
  • One Enemy
  • (Special) Bio Attack - useless against mechanical targets.
  • (enemy) Poisoned - takes damage each turn. Attack reduced.
  • (enemy) Stun - loses next turn.
  • (enemy) Disoriented - single-target attacks have a chance to hit an ally.

Freeze Potion

  • Ranged Ice
  • One enemy
  • (enemy) Frozen - cannot dodge attacks
  • (enemy) Chilled - takes damage each turn. Evasion reduced.
  • (enemy) Extinguished - fire and energy attacks do less damage.

L9 - Trap Shot

  • Ranged
  • One Enemy
  • (special) Stealthy - does not trigger counter or protect abilities.
  • (enemy) Hold Up - Eirin shoots upward, knocking debris onto enemies and causing random debuffs.

Team-Up Bonuses


Arcane Arts

Big in Japan


Bombs Away



Eientei - heroes from Eientei

Eirin! - experiments on Reisen

Fully Armed

Hot Stuff

Touhou Project  

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