Bio: EVE (short for Extra-terrestrial Vegetation Evaluator) is one of the two main characters in the film WALL·E. She is a sleek, rounded white robot who levitates above the ground and is capable of floating both her arms and head at a short distance away from her main body (a trait the Disney site for the film credits to strong magnets). Her vocabulary is limited to less than half a dozen words, so a majority of her emotion is expressed through the changing shapes of her blue "eyes", sound effects and nonverbal movements.

Character Info

Name: EVE

Outfit: Classic EVE

Class: Blaster

Stats: hp 3/5, stam 4/5, att 4/5, def 3/5, acc 3/5, evas 2/5

Passive 1: Flying

Passive 2: Mechanical Body


1. Seeker Missle - One Enemy - Ranged, Gun, Explosion

Guarenteed Hit

Debuffs: Burning, Staggered, Removes Buffs

2. Biological Scanners - All - Buff, Debuff

Buffs: Protect the Plant(self) - Will protect non-mechanical allies from Single and Area attacks. Takes reduced damage and becomes immune to attrition. Lasts 2 rounds

Debuffs: Targeted(all enemies), Hobbled(enemies), Kicks like a Mule(self)

3. Missle Barrage - AoE - Ranged, Explosion - 3 hits (2 round cd)

Desperation Attack, Wild Shots

Debuffs: Shrapnel - For each hit dodged per enemy, causes bleeding.

  • E.G. One Opponent dodges 2 of the 3 hits. That enemy gets 2 bleeding.

4. Zooming Dash - Single Enemy - Melee (3 round cd)

50% Follow-Up, Paragon Exploiter

Debuffs: Off-balance, Shield Breaker, Pressure Points

Buffs: Afterburners, Quick Action, Nimble

Team-Up Bonuses




Big Guns


Cyber - With WALL-E/TWG

Far Far Away

Fully Armed

Tin Men

Tiny Transistors

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