Dust Man is a Robot Master with a built in vacuum cleaner, originally created by Doctor Mikhail Cossack to be used for sanitation, being able to inhale any type of garbage smaller than him. His powerful suction power got Dr. Wily's attention and he was modified into a combat robot to fight against Mega Man in Mega Man 4. Dust Man's Special Weapon is the Dust Crusher, compacted scrap metal that launch debris in several directions upon impact. He can also pull opponents towards himself with his vacuum.

Dust Man while he is a good sanitation robot, he often overestimates the amount of garbage he can handle and thus often his vacuum jets jammed due to the mass amount of garbage he inhales, which requires him to be cleaned out. He enjoys spring cleaning and has a apparent dislike of rodents. His weakness is the Ring Boomerang which can jam his vacuum and render it not operational.

Class: Bruiser

Becomes Enraged when attacking or attacked by Scrappers, increasing all stats up to two times.


Robot Master - immune to Bio Attacks, bleeding, poison, and fried circuits.
Vacuum Filters - Enemy Fire, Ice, and Explosive attacks do less damage with Dust Man around.


L1 - Dust Crusher
One Enemy
(special) Deadly Crits - deals extra damage on critical hits
(special) Splash Damage - causes Bleeding on all enemies.
(enemy) Dizzy - accuracy decreased by 25%

L2 - This Sucks!
Sucks up an enemy and spits him out.
Melee Sonic
One Enemy
2 round cooldown
(enemy) Steal Buffs - removes buffs from the target and transfers them to the user.
(enemy) Opportunist - causes either Off-Balance, Winded, Neutralized, Impaired, Exhausted, Staggered, or Cornered.
(self) Well Fed - that hit the spot. (slightly increases all stats)
(all allies) Energize - restores stamina.
(all allies) Recuperate - restores health.

L6 - Sweep Projectiles
2 round cooldown
(self) Projectile Vacuum - protects allies from the next ranged attack, taking no damage and gaining an extra turn, health, and stamina.

L9 - Piston
Summon Melee
One Enemy
3 round cooldown
(special) Catastrophic - always hits and cannot be protected against
(special) Summon Attack - does not trigger counter or retaliation abilities
(Special) Deadly Crits - deals extra damage on critical hits
(special) Exploit Opportunity - does extra damage to enemies with Off-Balance, Winded, Neutralized, Impaired, Exhausted, Staggered, or Cornered.
(enemy) Fatal Blow - instantly deletes enemies under 30% health.

Team-Up Bonuses

Red in The Ledger
Robot Masters
Tin Men

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