Dr. D

Bio: Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz has 3 different backgrounds. In one universe, he was raised by ocelots. In another, his parents were not at his birth. And in yet another, he was raised as a lawn gnome, not a son. Due to this mishap, he has a very messed-up life, unlike his brother, Roger. Attempting to ruin his brothers life, he creates -inators. However, he commonly, if not always, only ruins his OWN life. But with the Incursions, he has been granted greater knowledge than ever before. And the ability to not make self-destruct buttons.



  • Always critically hits Bruisers and ignore defense.
  • Tacticians gain an extra turn from attacking this target



Effects: Burning, Melt Armor


Mountain out of a molehill-inator

Single Target, Ground

Debuffs: Off-Balance, Cornered


Debuffs: Magnetized

Buffs: Emnating Disruption(his team)

Exploit Machines, Metal

Carbon Footprint-inator

Melee, AoE

Exploit Opportunity, Deadly Crits, Catastrophic


Own Team

Buffs: Mirror Images


N/A(Help Me)

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