As first appeared on the now deleted M:AA Fanfic Wiki 2, July 6, 2014‎

Doug Ramsey


Back from the Dead- Any hit that would kill Doug Ramsey will have resurrection effect bringing him back to 25% health 


L1   Decipher Code- Removes all debuffs from Allies, Removes all buffs from opponents 

L2  Phalanx Covenant- Reverts to Douglock form in a variety of classes like Omega Sentinel (Non-reversible once used) Quick Action

L6  Selfsoulfriend - Protects and counters Aoe all attacks with the help of Warlock 2 round cooldown

L9  Syntax- Allies receive opposite effect from enemy attacks (ex dots would heal, stun would grant extra turn) enemy buffs and debuffs would grant opposite effects (strengthened into weakened) 3 round cooldown


Infiltrator, Scrapper, Blaster 

Malleable- May reduce damage from non-energy attacks


L1  T.O. Punch- Unarmed Melee. Applies Techno-organic virus to opponent (DOT effect)

L2  Multi-Function

    Infiltrator  Environmental Manipulation- Spreads T.O. body through the floor to get a stealthy sneak attack     

    Scrapper Big Fist- Strikes with enlarged fists, 10% chance to stun         

    Blaster Arm Cannon- Turns Arm into Cannon to fire energy burst AoE, causes static charge 


L6- Resistance is Futile- Assimilates an opponents form and gains their appearance,stats, abilities, and class for one round. Quick Action 2 round cooldown

L9  Lifeglow- Drain some HP from opponents. Desperation action, the lower Douglock's health the more damage/healing this attack does 3 round cooldown

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