As first appeared on the M:AA Wikia, October 16, 2012

What would you guys do if you had the opportunity to design your own Spec Op including characters, missions, etc. whatever details you want to include?

mine would be

Special Operations - Symbiote Takeover or Symbiote City

"Someone has released Carnage into the city and now he has gotten his hands on some iso-8. Symbiote possessed people are popping up everywhere. Find out how he got iso-8 and who released him. Stop him at all costs."
— Chapter Briefing

Mission 1
Team-Ups & Deploys

  • Captain America
  • Thing
  • Hawkeye
  • Iron Man
  • Wolverine

Boss - Doppleganger

Mission 2

  • Lasher
  • Phage
  • Riot
  • Agony
  • Scorn


  • Possessed Thing
  • Possessed Wolverine
  • Possessed Hawkeye

Team-Up - Spider-Man

Boss - Possessed Captain America
Team-Up - Spider-Man

Mission 3

  • Venom (Flash Thompson)
  • Iron Man


  • Captain America

Mini-Boss - Baron Mordo
Team-Up - Spider-Man

Boss - Carnage
Team-Up - Venom (Flash Thompson)

Epic Boss - Dormammmu
Team-Up - Dr. Strange

it could be similar to the Carnage USA storyline where instead of taking over a small town he's taking over a major city like New York.

Yes I know this would require bringing in a crap load of characters but it would also be really fun (well at least to me)

Blastericon Agony - his symbiote transfers weight of a weapon directly into the ground allowing him to carry and use heavy artillery such as a rail gun with ease

Scrappericon Lasher - his symbiote allows him to control a symbiotically enhanced war dog

Tacticianicon Phage - his symbiote allows him to hit targets from impossibly far distances with a sniper rifle

Infiltratoricon Riot - his symbiote allows him to move quickly and silently as well as wall crawling

Generalisticon Scorn - her symbiote does not recognize the difference between itself and robotics allowing her control over technology

It would be the first to offer more than one Hero-reward. I would have Venom (Flash Thompson) as the main hero reward but I would also make The whole Mercury Team (Agony, Lasher, Phage, Riot) and Scorn also available for cp during the Spec Op.

Come to find out under the orders of Dormammu, Baron Mordo released Carnage unto the city to gather the souls of people and send them to his dark dimension so he can grow stronger and take over Earth. And just to make sure things go according to plan he had Mordo infuse Carnage with some iso-8.

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