As originally posted the 20/01/2014

This is my fanwork idea for a Daredevil uniform based upon his black uniform from Shadowland

Shadowland Daredevil


Scrapper 45 Command Points

Infiltrator 51 Command Points


  •  Blindsight
  •  Man Without Fear
  •  Shadowy Strikes (NEW)
    • ​Damage done is increased by 20% on follow-up or counter attacks
    • 25% chance to avoid incoming attacks
    • Daredevil's attacks are permanently  Stealthy and do not trigger counter-attacks or protect abilities
  •  Demonic Rage (NEW)
    • ​50% chance to perform a follow-up attack on single-target attacks
    • Follow-up attack has a higher chance to miss

Well, that's pretty much it. Leave your opinion in the comments! Thanks for reading!

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