Class - Bruiser

Uniform - Classic

Cost - 48 CP


  • Faulty Wiring - If Hit by an energy attacks, will apply radiation exposure each round on All Enemies and Allies. If hit by an Electric attack, will apply Static Charge on All Enemies and Allies.
  • Cyborg Body - Immune to Psychic Attacks, Immune to Bleeding, Poisoned, and Bio attacks.


  1. Boo Yah. Target - One Enemy. Type - Energy Ranged Tech. Debuff - Staggered, Neutralized. Special Abilities - True Strike.
  2. Cannon Pulse. Target - All Enemies. Type - Electric Energy Ranged. Debuff - Static Charge. Special Abilities - Exploit Radiation, Charged Attack, High Crits.
  3. Ultra Blast. Target - One Enemy. Type - Energy Tech. Special Abilities - Exploit Radiation, Deadly Crits, Ignore Defense, Boon Buster.
  4. Shoulder Rockets. Target - All Enemies. Type - Ranged Explosion. Debuff - Pyrophoric. Special Abilities - Wild Shots.

Alternate Uniform

Classes - Bruiser and Blaster

Uniform = Teen Titans

New Passives

  • Titans Go - Allied Teen Titans Attacks gain Radiation Exposure and Fried Circuits.
  • Upgraded Armor - Faulty Wiring no longer effects Allies.

Team Up Bonuses

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