Complete all tasks and you can play as Pac-Man/russgamemaster.

Task 1 - Ghostbusters

"I'm being chased around by ghosts! Take them on!"

Defeat 20 enemies with the Ghostly Body passive. While there are ghost goons and bosses, defeating Danny Phantom/russgamemaster or Lady Bow/russgamemaster in an Incursion or Heroic Battle also contributes to this task.

Reward: 20 CP

Task 2 - Bonus Fruit

"Time to get some bonus fruit."

Defeat Bundt.

Use Applejack's Apple Harvest 5 times. It's her second skill.

Get 20 Bonus Fruits. Bonus Fruits can be dropped from any enemy, and they restore both health and stamina, granting Rising Up and Well Fed.

Reward: 3 gold

Task 3 - Power Pellets

"To save this world, I'll need some power pellets. But a purple crocodile has stolen some!" Defeat Croco/russgamemaster.

Reward: First five power pellets dropped from Croco. These healing items grant Haste and Buildup.

Task 4 - Pac-Trail

"Is that red guy shooting Pac-dots? Make sure he doesn't mislead me!"

Use Megaman Zero's Z-Buster 10 times. It's his first skill.

Reward: 3 gold

Task 5 - The Pac-Gun

"Here's a new weapon. It will shoot out miniature Pac-Men to much on enemies."

Research the Pac-Gun

Reward: The Pac-Gun

Task 6 - Feeding Frenzy

"This Pac-Gun has live ammunition, which needs feeding!"

Use the Pac-Gun 6 times.

Reward: 10 CP

Task 7 - Train with Pac-Man

"What am I up against now?"

Complete all of Pac-Man's Simulator fights.

Reward: 10 CP and you get to play as Pac-Man!

Simulator fights

1: 1 Angler Thug, 1 Enforcer Thug, and 1 Rat Funk

2: Belome/russgamemaster

3: Wario/russgamemaster

4: Sergeant Calhoun/TWG

5: Prince Hans/TWG, Grate Guy/russgamemaster, Knife Guy/russgamemaster


Ranged Gun Summon

One Enemy

15 hits

(special) Summon Attack - cannot be countered.

(enemy) Flanked - single-target attacks against this target provide a follow-up attack

(enemy) Remove Buffs

(enemy) Pressure Points - causes either Weakened, Dizzy, Slowed, or Exposed.

(self) Pac-dot healing - restores health when used.

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