Commander shepard by magicnaanavi-d6s9py7

After sacrificing herself to save a galaxy from complete annihilation, Commander Shepard awakens to find herself at an Incursion site in a universe even stranger than her own. Unsure of how she came to be here, she has agreed to assist SHIELD's efforts against the Incursion threat in the hopes that she can find a way back to her own universe.

Section heading

Class: Tactician


  • N7 Elite: Commander Shepard has a chance to gain Combat Awareness when attacking 
  • Paragon: Increases shield durability by 20%. Removed by Renegade.
  • Renegade: Chance to preemptively counter enemy buff abilities. Removed by Paragon.



M-3 Predator
Single Target, 3 Hits
Ranged Gun
Target Focus: Single target attacks do icreased damage against this target
Single Target, 1 Hit
Ranged Energy Electric Tech
1 Round Cooldown
Shield Breaker
Fried Circuits
Single Target, 1 hit
1 Round Cooldown
Melt Armor
Boon Buster
Tech Armor
Buff, Tech
1 Round Cooldown
Quick Action
Tech Armor: Shield effect. Damages all enemies when consumed. Increases stamina cost by 50%.
Purge Armor: If Tech Armor is already applied, consumes Tech Armor to increase damage
Renegade (Extends Rest)
Quick Action
Replaces Paragon with Renegade


1 Target, 2 Hits
Melee Slashing Tech
Deadly Crits
Cryo Blast
1 Target, 1 Hit
Ranged Tech Ice
M-8 Avenger
All Ememies, 4 Hit
Ranged Gun
Pressure Points
M-920 Cain
All Enemies, 1 Hit
Ranged Gun Explosion
4 Round Cooldown, Starts Cooled Down
Full Round Action
Desperation Attack
Kicks Like A Mule
Paragon  (Extends Rest)
Quick Action
Replaces Renegade with Paragon 


This Shepard is based on a female sentinel class. 

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