Colgate minuette by 90sigma-d50axz6


Colgate is the fan-given name for a unicorn mare with a light blue coat, an ice-colored mane with a dark blue streak, and a cutie mark of an hourglass. She is named after the toothpaste company due to her color scheme's resemblance to toothpaste. Other toothpaste-related names for her include Aquafresh and Minty Fresh, and she is frequently depicted as a dentist or with a toothbrush.

Class: Tactician

Gains an extra turn when attacking or attacked by Blasters.


Dentist - chance to apply Halitosis to any enemy or ally that attacks. New abilities are unlocked when others have Halitosis. Protects allies that have Halitosis. Damage over time effects only persist for a single turn.


L1 - Toothbrush Club
One Enemy
5 hits
(special) Shiny Whities - consumes Halitosis from the target to cause Generalized.
(enemy) Wide-Open - takes extra damage from melee attacks.
(enemy) Pressure Points - causes either Weakened, Dizzy, Slowed, or Exposed.
(self) Toe-to-Toe - next melee attack does extra damage.

L2 - Brush Teeth
Buff Heal
One Ally
2 round cooldown
(special) Clean Teeth - consumes Halitosis from allies to grant other random buffs.
(all allies) Remove Debuffs
(all allies) Rising Up - gains either Fortified, Strengthened. Focused, or Agile.

L6 - Toothpaste Tube
6 hits
One Enemy
(special) Clean Breath - consumes Halitosis from the target to cause extra damage and random damage over time effects.
(enemy) Sticky - evasion reduced by 25%
(enemy) Remove Buffs

L9 - Floss
One Enemy
(special) Catch Plaque - consumes Halitosis from the target to cause extra damage and Restrain. This causes ranged attacks to do 40% less damage, and they cannot crit.
(enemy) Webbed - applies Staggered and Constricted. A second application of Webbed causes Hobbled and Immobilized. A third application of Webbed causes Stun.

Team-Up Bonuses

Arcane Arts
Big Guns
Friendship is Magic
Fully Armed
Hoofing It
Stick It

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