As originally posted the 15/12/2013

10 Days of Christmas is a special I've come up with. For 10 days, I'll post a Fanwork creation, one hero for each day. Today, the showcased hero will be Carnage.

Classic Carnage

Cost: Complete Serial Killer Collection


"Cletus Kasady had a troubled childhood, and for that reason, became a murderer. His life changed upon getting a new cell mate, Eddie Brock, former host of the Venom symbiote. When the symbiote came to rescue Brock, it left behind a spawn. That symbiote bonded with Kasady and he became Carnage, a serial killer thrice as strong as Spider-Man. Today, contained by a sonic device implanted in his body, Cletus aids S.H.I.E.L.D. against his will".

Recruitment Dialogue:

"Watch your back, Agent. This thing in me might hurt me... 

but it won't stop me from splashing your brains all over the walls."

Class: Scrapper


  • Symbiotic Relationship
  • Desire to Kill
    • Once HP is reduced to less than 50%, all attacks gain  Fatal Blow
    • Attacks have a small (5%) chance to miss
    • Once HP is reduced to less than 25%, begins to perform two actions every round

Base Stats:

Health: 3/5

Stamina: 4/5

Attack: 3/5

Defense: 2/5

Accuracy: 3/5

Evasion: 4/5

L1 Ability - Chomp (Melee) - One Enemy, One Hit, No Cooldown

  • Fumbling
  • Cornered

L2 Ability - Symbiotic Claws (Melee Slashing) - One Enemy, Two Hits, 2 Rounds Cooldown

  • Ignore Defense
  • Bleeding x2
  • Tenderized

L6 Ability - Symbiotic Axe (Melee Slashing) - One Enemy, One Hit, No Cooldown

  • Exploits Tenderize
  • Exploits Bleeds

L9 Ability - Symbiote Slam (Melee Unarmed) - One Enemy, One Hit, 2 Rounds Cooldown

  • Staggered
  • Stealthy
  • Pain

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