Class - Tactician/Infiltrator

Uniform - Torchwood Season 2

Cost - ?


  • Life and... Life! - Will be restored to 50% Health after being Ko'ed for the first time and gain a stat boost.
  • Torchwood Commander - Has the Advantages and Disadvantages of a Tactician and Infiltrator.


  1. Sonic Blaster. Type - Ranged Sonic Tech. Target - One Enemy. Debuff - Dizzy, Resoning. Special Abilities - Brutal Strike.
  2. Hand-to-Hand. Type - Unarmed Melee. Target - One Enemy. Debuff - Incapitation(50%), Combo Set-Up, Exposed. Special Abilities - Stealthy, High Crits, Exploit Weakness.
  3. Torchwood Tech. Type - Ranged Energy Tech Gun. Target - One Enemy. Debuff - Weakened. Special Abilities - Paragon Exploiter, Deadly Crits, Brutal Strike.
  4. Silvered Pistol. Type - Ranged Gun. Target - One Enemy. Debuff - Slowed, Weak Point. Special Abilities - Hallowed, Quick Action. Cool Down - 2 Rounds.

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