Brother blood

Class - Tactician


  • Pool of Blood - Immune to Fatal Blow. Heals Each round.
  • Blood Magic - All Enemies and Allies with bleeding have a 50% chance to protect Brother Blood. Allies of Brother Blood always have Bleeding.
  • Mindless Drones - Chance to Summon Mindless Drones.
  • Relentless


Follow Up/Counter

  • Draw Blood. Target - All Enemies. Type - Ranged. Debuff - Bleeding(3x). Special Abilities - Hemorrhaging Attack, Boon Buster.

Other Moves

  • Mindless Drones. Target - All Enemies. Type - Ranged Summon. Special Abilities - High Crits, Hemorrhaging Attack, Boon Buster.
  • Mind Control. Target - One Enemy. Type - Psychic. Debuff - Internal Bleeding, Mind Control, Weakened Resolve. Special Abilities - Psychic Attack, Follow Up Attack.
  • Heal thy Victim. Target - One Enemy. Type - Buff. Buff - Teresting Boost, Rising Up. Special Abilities - Quick Action. Cool down - 1 round.
  • Rip thy Blood. Target - One Enemy. Type - Melee. Debuff - Fatal Blow. Special Abilities - Hemorrhaging Attack, Boon Buster, Deadly Crits, Brutal Strike.

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