Originally found on MAA Wiki at User blog: Goldencahill/Brawl Editing PVP Armor Series

So, in my opinion, the agent's follow up and counter attack Brawl becomes, well, lame as the levels get higher. The accuracy and power just isnt very high, so it is obsolete. The set of PVP armors I propose here would change that, making new attacks for each class.

I would imagine these armors to look sort of like a martial arts gee or robe, with two folds across the chest. There wouldnt be any lightning or sparks, the insignias on the chest and arms would be the class symbol and color of the corresponding class.

Infiltrator's Combat Armor

8 slots as always for regular Iso-8, one empowered slot.

Passive- Stealth Master

  • Brawl is changed into Hidden Blade.
  • Hidden Blade applies Bleeding and Ravaged and is a Slashing Melee attack. (2 hits)

Scrapper's Combat Armor

8 reg. slots, one empowered slot.

Passive - Jump into the Fight!

  • Brawl is changed into Pound.
  • Pound applies Weakened and Dizzy and grants the agent Breakthrough. (2 hits)

Blaster's Combat Armor

Same as above.

Passive - Not Too Close

  • Brawl is changed into Energy Laser
  • Energy Laser applies Burning, has a 50% chance to apply Melt Armor and is an Energy Ranged attack.

Bruiser's Combat Armor

Same as above.

Passive - Undefeatable

  • Brawl is changed into Smash.
  • Smash has Shield Breaker and grants the agent War Frenzy (x1)

Tactician's Combat Armor

Same as above.

Passive -  Thinks it Through

  • Brawl is changed into Machine Gun Assault
  • Machine Gun Assault hits 6 times, applies Pummeled and is a Ranged Gun attack.

What do you think? Does Brawl need an update?

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