Bombette is Mario's third party member in Paper Mario. She is a pink Bob-omb with a ponytail shaped fuse that inhabited Koopa Bros. Fortress in the events of Paper Mario. She is also very headstrong, and threatens to explode next to Mario in the Crystal Palace if he hit her instead of the Duplighosts pretending to be her. The role of a party member with the ability to explode has been retained in future installments of the series (with the exception of Paper Mario: Sticker Star, although the Bomb Sticker allows Mario to use a bomb attack in battle). The role is taken by Admiral Bobbery in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, and by Boomer in Super Paper Mario.

Class: Blaster

Gains Focused Attacks when attacking or attacked by Bruisers. Attacks are guaranteed to crit and ignore defense


Mechanical Body

Windup Key - prevents Fried Circuits

Flammable - vulnerable to fire and energy attacks

Temper-Tantrum - see Bomb/TWG

Volatile - explodes when defeated, damaging all characters


Note: All Bomb attacks are multi-function and can either target one or all enemies.

L1 - Body Slam


One Enemy

(self) Agile - evasion increased by 25%

(enemy) Pressure Points - causes either Weakened, Dizzy, Slowed, or Exposed.

(enemy) Staggered - cannot dodge attacks

L2 - Fire Bomb

Fire Melee Explosion

special) Deadly Crits - deals extra damage on critical hits

(special) Exploits Shields - does extra damage to shielded enemies

(special) Exploits Protection - does extra damage to enemies that are protecting

(enemy) Burning - takes damage each turn. Defense reduced.

L6 - Toxic Bomb

Bio Melee Explosion

3 round cooldown for AoE version only

(enemy) Poisoned - takes damage each turn. Attack reduced.

(enemy) Incapacitation - chance to lose a turn.

(enemy) Disadvantage - creates a negative effect according to the class of the target.

L9 - Smoke Bomb

Melee Explosion

AoE version has a 2 round cooldown.

(enemy) Blinded - next single-target attack has a chance to miss

(enemy) Disoriented - single-target attacks have a chance to hit an ally

(enemy) Fumbling - single-target attacks provoke a counter-attack

Team-Up Bonuses


Bombs Away

Distaff Counterpart - to Bomb, lol

Hot Stuff

Paper Mario

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