Bio: While most all of the Flock have a short temper when it comes to egg theft and smuggled birds, Bomb has the worst temper of them all. He loses his "explosive" temper easily and often (as depicted in the Wreck the Halls animation). Also why he explodes. As a result, Bomb tends to be a loner, preferring to remain away from the Flock, as he does not want to be stressed with their problems. (Another possible reason is that he doesn't want to accidentally blow up everyone else). Despite this, he is always ready to help should an emergency be called. His power is the strongest out of all the birds.

Character Info

Name: Bomb

Outfit: Original Bomb

Class: Bruiser

Cost: 48 CP

Stats: hp 3/5, stam 2/5, att 4/5, def 4/5, acc 3/5, evas 2/5

Organizations: The Flock

Passive 1: Anger Issues - Basically Hulk Up

Passive 2: Temper-Tantrum - Heat, renamed Temper

  • 40% = Unstable - Touching Bomb results in a Plasma Body-Like counter, except no debuffs and increased damage than PB. Explosion Type
  • 70% = Gamma Leak - Adds Radiation Exposure to Attacks.
  • 100% = Massive Explosion, Hitting all characters in the field of battle.


1. Focused Explosion - one enemy - explosion, heal


  • Explosive Healing
  • Anger Relief - Consumes up to 40% Temper to deal extra damage and cause pyrophoric.

Debuffs: Dizzy, Generalized

2. Blast Off! - Self - Buff

Buffs: Blasting Off - 50% to dodge attacks and gain a Rising Up or Build-Up Buff. Only one buff per dodge.

3. Deep Breath - Self - Buff


3A: Breath In - Activates Increased Pressure. This protects allies from All Attacks. Consumes 10% Temper per turn.

3B: Exhale - Deactivates Increased Pressure.

4. BOOM! - Al Enemies - Explosion

Catastrophic, Exploit Shields, Anger Unleashed(releases all anger to deal extra damage.) Exploit Burning

Debuffs: Remove Buffs, Collapsing Infrastructure, Kicks like a Mule(self)

Nuclear Bomb

Bomb space

New Passive: Nuclear Threat - All Attacks Exploit Radiation. All Attacks Cause Radiation.

  • NOTE: Gamma Leak + Nuclear Threat = 2X Rad on attacks.

New Class: Bruiser or Blaster

Price: Bruiser/50, Blaster/65

Angry Birds Space Uniform Passive: Radioactivity - Attacks Exploit Radiation

  • Radioactivity is shared with other Allies. Not Bomb

  • If 2 ABS Uniforms are in play, activates Flock Power!, which is Future Countdown.

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