Bio: Beedrill is a Bug/Poison-type Pokémon from the Pokémon series. It is the final evolution of Weedle, and appears at #015 in both the Kanto and National Pokédexes. Beedrill can by very aggressive and will attack intruders that trespass in its territory. It can also fly very quickly, making it harder for the aggressor to escape. When it attacks, it will use its stingers to its advantage and stab its target(s) with them.

Character Info

Outfit: Classic Beedrill

Class: Blaster

Stats: hp 2/5, stam 2/5, att 5/5, def 2/5, acc 5/5, evas 4/5

Passive 1: Bug and Poison Type - Vulnerable to fire and psychic attacks, resistant to energy and melee attacks.

Passive 2: Poison Point: Causes Poison upon impact


1. Twinneedle - Single Enemy - Ranged

Abilities: Exploit Poison

Debuffs: Poison

2. Pin Missile - Single Enemy - Ranged, Bio(1 rd cd)

Abilities: Quick Shot

Debuffs: Pain Train, Poison, Pin Cushion

6. Glare - AoE - Debuff(no damage, 2 rd cd)

Abilities: Subtle

Debuffs: Incapacitation, Intimidated, Despair(50%)

9. Fell Stinger - Single Enemy - Melee

Abilities: Fell Stinger - if this move KOes an enemy, Beedrill gains Strengthened and Fortified.

Debuffs: Fatal Blow, Cower

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