Heroes Required: Beast Boy/Truelegden and Cyborg/Truelegden


This heroic battle is Cyborg and Beast Boy vs. Mammoth/Truelegden and Gizmo/Truelegden. Gizmo is a Tactician and Mammoth is a Bruiser.


To Defeat this Heroic Battle Cyborg must be at least LVL. 2 and Beast Boy must be at least LVL. 9. Gizmo will always take the first turn and takes 2 turns. He will usually open with a Shoulder Blasters and then use Tendrils on Cyborg. Cyborg should go before Beast Boy so use cannon pulse till Obsolete Tech is removed. Beast Boy's first turn should be Animalistic. Mammoth's turn, Mammoth will use Colossal Smash. Next Round Gizmo will spam Robot Army. If Obsolete Tech is removed Cyborg should use Boo Yah on Mammoth. Beast Boy should use T-REX. If Mammoth is still here. He will use Smash on Beast Boy. Continue Till heroic Battle is over.


Empowered Iso-8 040
Cyborg's - Techy Empowered Isotope-8. Applies Super Tech - Cyborg will take 30% less damage from tech attacks.

Empowered Iso-8 005
Beast Boy's - Doggy Empowered Isotope-8. Applies Dog Days - Starts combat with Animalistic.

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