Class - Generalist

Uniform = Classic

Cost - 90 CP


  • Effect BG 3 BlueEffect Icon 026Changling - Chance to Counter Melee attacks with Gorilla and Counter Ranged Attacks with Pterodactyl.
  • Flying - Immune to Ground Attacks

New Buffs

  • Effect BG 3 GreenEffect Icon 026 Animalistic - Attacks will now be animal function. Can still use normal actions. 4 rounds.


  1. Rhino. Target - All Enemies. Type - Melee Slashing. Debuff - Tenderized, Exposed, Wide Open.
    1. Snake. Target - One Enemy. Type - Melee. Debuff - Internal Bleeding. Special Abilities - Paragon Exploiter.
  2. Gorilla. Target - One Enemy. Type - Melee. Debuff - Staggered, Dizzy, Combo Set-Up. Special Abilities - Ground Attacks, Exploit Exposure.
    1. Bloodhound. Target - All Enemies. Type - Slashing. Special Abilities - Hemorrhaging Attack.
  3. Pterodactyl. Target - One Enemy. Type - Melee Slashing. Debuff - Off-Balance, Internal Bleeding. Special Abilities - Exploit Tender, High Crits.
    1. T-REX. Target - All Enemies. Type - Melee. Special Abilities - Exploit Opportunity, Deadly Crits, Exploit Combos, Exploit Exposure.
  4. Animalistic. Target - Self. Buff - Animalistic. Cooldown - 4 rounds.

Alternate Uniform


Classes - Scrapper and Bruiser.

Uniform = Teen Titans

New Passives

  • Effect BG 3 BlueEffect Icon 012 Titans Go! - Allied Teen Titans attacks apply Neutralized and Pain
  • Effect BG 2 GreenEffect Icon 001 Beast - Chance to gain an extra turn with Toe-to-Toe.

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