Required Hero: Batman

Team-Up: Superman and Martian Manhunter

Enemies: Two Face, The Joker, Deathstroke

Battle-Exclusive Passives:

  • Yellow Sun: Gains a random buff each turn. (Superman)
  • Empathy: Chance to precounter enemy attacks with Mental Blast. (Martian Manhunter) 
  • Predictable Tactics: Prevents enemies from changing class. (Batman)
  • Paid Mercenary: Regains a little health after attacking. (Deathstroke)
  • Won't Stay Down: Revives to 50% health once a match. (The Joker)
  • In Agreement: The effects of both Heads and Tails are applied. (Two-Face)

Hidden Secrets: 

  • If either the Joker or Two-Face is KO'd, Deathstroke gains a passive called Earning a Living.
    • ​Earning a Living: Taking two turns a round.
  • If Deathstroke is KO'd before Two-Face, Two-Face gains a passive called We're Doomed.
    • We're Doomed: All attacks gain Desperation Attack

Reward E-Iso:

  • 'Solar E-Iso -- Solar Cells -- 'Kryptonian now only applies buffs.
  • 'Phantom E-Iso -- 'Suprise Entrance -- Starts the fight with Phased.
  • 'Preparative E-Iso -- 'Battle Plan -- Immune to Disadvantage.
  • 'Targeting E-Iso -- 'Strategic Analysis
  • Psychotic E-Iso -- Psychological Treatment -- Now always uses the selected move.
  • Missing E-Iso -- Double Flip -- Coin Flip now extends off recharge and is a quick action with a 1-round cooldown. 

Opening Dialogue:

  • J- Ooooh, Batsy, wanna have a party? I even invited my friends! We can play pin  the tail on the sourpuss!
  • B- This is the same old game, Joker. You know you can't win.
  • D- This time he's not alone.
  • TF- Yeah, and we're going to make you pay!
  • S- Joker's not the only one with backup. 
  • J- Aw, now I won't have enough goodie bags... I guess I'll have to eliminate a few guests.

Upon Victory:

  • B- Like I said, same old game.

Upon Defeat: 

  • D- It's over. 
  • TF- Shall we flip a coin?
  • J- Now we'll have enough party favors!

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