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With all of the new Augmented Iso's, I wanted to take an opportunity to create some of my own! This post series might be weekly, I'm not sure.


[hide]#Supreme A-ISO

  1. Recovering A-ISO
  2. Quick A-ISO
  3. Lunar A-ISO
  4. Plagued A-ISO
  5. Relentless A-ISO

Supreme A-ISO

Hero: Dr. Strange Move: 

Grants: [1][2] Supreme Boost

  • Teresing Boost becomes a  Quick Action and removes debuffs upon use.

Recovering A-ISO

Hero: Hogun Move: 

Grants:  Rebound

  • Elixir of Recovery becomes a Quick Action but gains a 2 Round cooldown.

Quick A-ISO

Hero: Juggernaut Move: 

Grants:  Momentum Well

  • I'm the Juggernaut! only requires one stack of  Momentum to be used, but gains a 3 Round cooldown

Lunar A-ISO

Hero: Moon Knight Move: 

Grants:  Justice's Berserker

  • Blood Moon grants 5 stacks of  Retribution and deals 20% more damage

Plagued A-ISO

Hero: Beast Move: 

Grants:  Former Horseman

  • The Jungle or Heart of Darkness applies  Incapacitation and deals 20% more damage

Relentless A-ISO

Hero: Black Bolt Move: 

Grants:  Non-Stop Electron Absorption

  • Power Word has a 50% chance to grant  Relentless to Black Bolt and his allies

Infernal A-ISO

Hero: Human Torch Move: 

Grants:  Inferno Circle

  • Ring of Fire targets all enemies

Frenzied A-ISO

Hero: Tigra Move: 

Grants:  Berserker Stance

Demonic A-ISO

Hero: Satana Move: 

Grants:  Fists of the Demon

  • Fiery Fists applies 3 stacks of  Withered

Shattering A-ISO

Hero: Shatterstar Move: 

Grants:  Finest Warrior

  • Vibro Schockwave loses the starting cooldown

Deadly AISO

Hero: Gamora Move: 


  •  Early Demise
    • Whirlwind becomes a  Quick Action, but gains a 2 Rounds Cooldown

Aimed AISO

Move Type: Ranged


  •  Aimed Attack

Blasting AISO

Hero: Rocket Raccoon Move: 



Incapacitating AISO

Restrictions: Electric Move

Grants:  Electric Hazard

  • Equipped Electric attack applies  Incapacitation

Damned AISO

Restrictions: Ghost Rider Move: 

Grants:  Soul Gaze

  • Penance Stare becomes a  Quick Action but the cooldown is increased by a round

Slinging AISO

Restrictions: Spider-Man Move: 

Grants:  Swinging Frenzy

  • Web Swing applies  Off-balance and  Fumbling

That's it. Thanks for reading, and drop some feedback on the comments!

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