Tony Stark has a lot of armors. Armor Arsenal is a fanwork special I've developed, to think how it could be if different armors were introduced to the game.  I'll base my creations on the armors of Earth-199999, or as most people know it, the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In each post, I'll include up to four armor creations. There's a permanent buff I'll add to each one, so I'll put it in the next section, clarifying it; then, I won't detail it throughout the posts.

Armor Arsenal: The Buff

[1][2] Armor Arsenal

  • Can be used in battle along with other Iron Man armors

Now, let me explain how it works. Armor Arsenal only is applied in all the armors I create during the posts, so I won't include it in the character details. The original four Iron Man uniforms DO NOT gain Armor Arsenal. Now, what happens in battle is:

  • The player equips one of the four original Iron Man armors in its Iron Man.
  • Once it is selected, on the other character pick Iron Man again.
  • A gallery will pop-up, allowing players to use the armors at the same time, like if they were two different heroes.
  • The uniforms with Amor Arsenal cannot be equiped; once purchased, they can be slotted with EISO-8 or Iso-8, but they depend on an equippable Iron Man or War Machine to enter battle.
  • They come in different classes; the player chooses it before he can click "Done" in the hero selecting menu (as long as he has it in both classes).

How do the Armors Look Like?

Here's a link to the official Marvel Comics Database. The page is "Iron Man Armor", and it has a full list of every Iron Man armor there is. In the Earth-199999 section, you'll find all the ones I'm doing here. Just check the name (I'll post every armor's name and MK number here).

Click this link and you'll find the armors that I'll be posting.

Let's head to the armors... starting with MK XXXV "Red Snapper"

  • [3][4] Auto-targeting Interface
  • [5][6] Flying
  • [7][8] Panacea Response
  • [9][10] 'Oh 'Snap!
    • ​Chance to use telescopic arms to remove a buff from an enemy before it attacks any ally
    • Chance to use telescopic arms to remove a debuff from an ally before it attacks any enemy
    • Deals little damage when removing buffs; deals no damage when removing debuffs from allies


[11] 32 Command Points

[12] 45 Command Points

Mark XL "Shotgun"

 *[13][14] Auto-targeting Interface


[23] 32 Command Points

[24] 45 Command Points

Mark XXX "Blue Steel"


[31] 51 Command Points

[32] 63 Command Points

Mark XV "Sneaky"


'[43] '63 Command Points

[44] 74 Command Points

Mark XVII "Heartbreaker"


[53] 51 Command Points

[54] 63 Command Points

Mark XXI "Midas"


[65] 63 Command Points

[66] 74 Command Points

Mark XXXVIII "Igor"

L1 Ability - Ground Pound (Ground) - All Enemies, One Hit, 2 Rounds Cooldown

L2 Ability - The Hulkbuster (Unarmed Melee) - One Enemy, One Hit, No Cooldown

L6 Ability - Repulsor Rays (Ranged Energy Tech) - One Enemy, Two Hits, No Cooldown

L9 Ability - Smiting Clap (Ranged) - All Enemies, One Hit, No Cooldown


[99] 51 Command Points

[100] 74 Command Points

Mark XLI "Bones"


[109] 51 Command Points

[110] 63 Command Points

That was my Armor Arsenal special! Thanks for reading!

Post your opinion in the comments! Merry Christmas!

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