Aqua Man
Class - Tactician

Uniform = Modern

Cost - 90 CP


  • Atlantean Biology - Takes 50% less damage from Water attacks. Chance to take reduced damage from attacks. All Aqua Man's attacks have True Strike.
  • Heat Risistance - Takes reduced damage from Fire and Energy attacks.
  • Marine Life - Chance to summon Marine life to protect Aqua Man and Allies from Attacks.

New Buffs

  • King of Atlantis - Protect Allies from all Attacks. Will apply Hobbled to All Enemies each round


  1. Trident of Neptune. Target - 1 Enemy. Type - Slashing Melee. Debuff - Bleeding, Tenderized. Special Abilities - True Strike
  2. Shark Attack. Target - All Enemies. Type - Summon Slashing. Debuff - Incapitation. Special AbIlities - True Strike, Summon Attack, Hemorrhaging Attack. Cool Down - 1 Round.
  3. Harpoon Hand. Target - One Enemy. Type - Slashing Melee. Debuff - Ravaged. Special Abilities -True Strike, Exploit Tender.
  4. King of Atlantis. Target - Self. Type - Buff. Buff - King of Atlantis.

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