As first appeared on the Marvel: Avengers Alliance Wiki with the name "Ideas for Uniforms/Alt Movesets - Ant-Man (Hank Pym)", November 19, 2013

There are still a lot of heroes that need an upgrade via an alt or just that their story in the comics is so long that they have a large number of uniforms that would be really cool to see.

Here is the alt I thought for Hank Pym - Original Ant-Man


  • Class: Tactician/Infiltrator

Tacticianicon Infiltratoricon

I think the best class for Ant-Man is infiltrator, if you read the first comics he is allways there without anyone knowing.

  • Moveset:
    • Move 1:Ant Punch - Melee/Unarmed - Stealthy/Distraction
    • Move 2:Walking Ants - Melee/Summon - Stealthy/Ants/Winded - Only useable if Ants > 1
    • Move 3:Ant Call - Buff - Ant Calling/Quick Action
    • Move 4:Army of Ants - Melee/Summon - Stealthy/Ants/Off-Balance - Only useable if Ants > 1
  • Passives:Smartest Man in the Room/Ant-sized/Ant-Comunicating Helment
  • New Effects Explanation:
    • Ants: Buff - Increases Walking Ants and Army of Ants strength /This effect can be applied up to 5 times
    • Ant Calling: Buff - Increases Ants in 5
    • Ant-Sized: Buff - Chance to evade melee and ranged attacks
    • Ant-Comunicating Helmet - Increases Ants every turn/Chance of a pre-emptive Walking Ants attack against melee and ranged attacks

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