Annoying Orange is the titular character of the series The High-Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange by Daneboe. He has a habit of getting into everything. According to one video, a Godzilla-sized monster is no match for the Orange's power to get on nerves and demoralize his opponents. Why is he annoying? Nobody really knows. But in his own words, you'd be an apple not to want him on your team!


Blaster or Tactician

Recruitment cost

Command point icon 135


  • L1: "You're an apple!": Throws Midget Apple at enemies, causing a small amount of damage.
  • L2: Spitting Seeds: Applies Tenderized and Bleeding, can cause up to 15% HP damage.
  • L6: "Nya nya nya nya!!!": 400-700 damage, applies Broken Will.
  • L9: "KNIFE!!!": Summons Knife, similar to Mr. Fantastic's Bifurcator but also applies bleeding and ravaged.


  • Super Annoying: Attacks have a 75% chance of applying Distracted moodlet to enemies, unless enemies have the Mindless moodlet.
  • I'm an orange!: Can dodge most attacks that are not melee or bladed.


  • High-Fructose ISO-8: Spitting Seeds will now cause three stacks of bleeding and will afflict stun.

Recruitment quote

Nyuh nyuh nyuh nyuh...Oh hi there agent! Say, is Agent your first, or your last name! Hey I know, it's both! Hey Agent Agent!!! Come here!!! Heh heh heh heh heh!!!

Team-up Bonuses

  • Alias-less: With any other hero that has no other name.
  • Big Mouth: With Spider-Man and Deadpool especially.

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