Class - Generalist

Uniform = Classic

Cost - Finish in Adamantium League in PvP Tournment: Animal Man or 135 CP


  • The Red - Immune to Ground Attacks
    • Chance to take reduced damage and deal increased damage.
    • Chance to gain an extra turn after being attacked.


  1. Ground Animals . Multifunction
    1. Bear Hug. Target - One Enemy. Type - Unarmed Melee. Debuff - Internal Bleeding. Special Abilities - High Crits
    2. T-Rex Stomp. Target - All Enemies. Type - Ground. Debuff - Dizzy, Off-Balance. Special Abilities - Ground Attack, Deadly Crits. Cool Down - 1 Round, starts cool down.
  2. Sea Animals. Multifunction
    1. Pistol Shrimp. Target - All Enemies. Type - Ranged Sonic. Debuff - Weakened, Exposed. Special Abilities - High Crits.
    2. Electric Eel. Target - One Enemy. Type - Electric. Debuff - Static Charge. Special Abilities - High Crits.
    3. Send Shark. Target - All Enemies. Type - Ranged Slashing Melee. Debuff - Incapitaion. Special Abilities - Deadly Crits, Exploit Bleeds. Cool Down - 2 Rounds.
  3. Force Blasts. Target - One Enemy. Type - Ranged Energy. Debuff - Burning, Staggered. Special Abilities - Stealthy, True Strike.
  4. Flying Animals. Multifunction
    1. Eagle Flight. Target - One Enemy. Type - Ranged. Debuff - Slowed, Winded. Special Abilities - Exploit Exposure.
    2. Bat Sonar. Target - All Enemies. Type - Ranged Sonic. Debuff - Internal Bleeding. Special Abilities - Exploit Stunned, Deadly Crits, Hemorrhaging Attack

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