As originally posted the 16/02/2014

Welcome to another one of my Fanwork creations, today featuring Angela! (Check that link if you're not familiar with the character.)

Guardians of the Galaxy Angela


Base Stats:








  • Blessing From Heaven
    • ​Immune to Damage Over Time effects
    • Once health is reduced to 0, Angela goes back to 30% health
    • Once Angela has been revived, she clears all debuffs and gains Rising Up buffs
    • This only procs once per battle

L1 Ability - Angels' Might (Melee Unarmed Slashing) - One Enemy, Two Hits, No Cooldown

  • Flanked
  • Cornered

L2 Ability - Spawnslayer (Melee Slashing) - One Enemy, One Hit, 2 Rounds Cooldown

  • Exploit Attrition
  • Paragon Exploiter
  • Exploits Protection
  • Exploit Opportunity

L6 Ability - Double Stab (Melee Slashing) - One Enemy, Two Hits, No Cooldown

  • Stealthy
  • Opportunist

L9 Ability - Fight from the Skies (Melee) - One Enemy, One Hit, No Cooldown

  • Pressure Points
  • Fumbling
  • Impaired

Notes on character and moveset

  • In Angels' Might, Angela swipes her blade at the target and then performs a frontal kick.
  • In Spawnslayer, Angela lifts her sword up and then slashes the target using it, in a vertical fashion. The exploit effects were added so the move could be a heavy damage move, like Havok's Plasma Wave, as long as the required debuffs have been applied for the exploits to proc.
  • In Double Stab, Angela quickly stabs the target twice.
  • In Fight from the Skies, Angela jumps high into the sky, and then lands already kicking the target from up above.
  • Once Blessing from Heaven has proced and Angela has been revived, she'll still be immune to DOT's. The tooltip would then only display that.

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