Required heroes: Princess Celestia/russgamemaster, Princess Luna/russgamemaster, and Princess Twilight sparkle/russgamemaster

Enemies: The U-Foes

Story: "Dear Princess Celestia, the Fantastic Four have been defeated in an unwinnable Heroic Battle against the U-Foes. There's no winning without Alicorn magic." Celestia seems concerned about players like this.

Special condition: While the U-Foes have the same stimulants they used against the FF, Twilight has picked up Sue's Force Cage spell and automatically uses it on X-Ray as soon as he uses his stimulant.

Battle strategy: Don't worry about X-Ray. Instead, Tia targets Vapor, who's vulnerable to fire. When Ironclad uses his stimulant, melee him to make him vulnerable to future attacks. Night Shroud and The Sun Also Rises will protect the team. Rest assured, neither Twilight's nor S1 Luna's shields are made of bubble wrap or tissue paper.

Empowered Iso-8: Sunny Iso-8 (Celestia) - allies' attacks have a chance to cause Disoriented.

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