Required Hero

The Agent (Free)




Our Dota2 friends asked you to defeat their most powerful enemy, the so-called Mighty Roshan, to prove you're worthy to be one of their group... literally quoted. We have no info about this enemy: you'll have to fight him alone.


The Agent always begins first.


Since this battle's guest star is the Agent, it is almost impossibile to plan a strategy due to the huge variety of weapons available. Roshan increases his stats at every round and attacking him will remove the Agent's buffs, plus he's immune to Magic attack effects and damage-over-time debuffs. It is then strongly recommended to avoid Magic equipment or heavy buff/Attrition dependant strategies, bringing healing gadgets and damaging weapons instead. It is recommended an Unstoppable EISO, if the Agent has an Armor with an EISO slot, or a weapon like the Uterpendragon.
Roshan will use his attacks in a random order, except for Linken's Sphere and Cruel Diretide, debuffing you with the Paragon Exploiter debuffs and Stun, which can be dangerous since his Bash attacks has 100% chance to deal it. Once every 4 or 5 rounds he will then use Cruel Diretide, dealing huge damage and possibly closing you into the Linken's Force Field, which is Invisible Woman's Force Cage but it deals Magic damage when removed or expired.
Debuff removal weapons will be risky to use, since Roshan's Lord of the Pit attack can prevent debuff removing for 2 Rounds, so you'll have to buff your stats (mainly Attack and Evasion, plus health if you want) and/or use Avoidance items or gadgets. Try combining powerful items and weapons to build an effective strategy (like the Crippler with Paragon Exploiter weapons) and heal often to resist Roshan's strong hits, and possibly defeating him.


  • Completing the Heroic Battle once unlocks an EISO slot in any equipped Agent's armor, if not already available.
Empowered Iso-8 003
  • Calling EISO for the Agent: Grants Friends in High Places - 50% chance to summon a random S.H.I.E.L.D. related character after being attacked (like a Distress Call):

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