Same abilities

Since Dark Phoenix is uncontrollled force and doesn't listen to anyone, credits to Regulus, she attacks on her own. She is immune to elemental effects of nature. In this phase of her ability, she is controlled by the phoenix force. She is Over-powered here because of her Cosmic Abilities (I read long ago about her and she is powerful than I made her here so, I cut things down).

Red Suit / Dark Phoenix


 - immune to ground attacks
 Mental Resilience
 - high chance of blocking psychic attacks
 Death and Rebirth
 Uncontrolled Force of Phoenix
 - body is surrounded by fire and flames and has a 30% chance phoenix to not
  obey attacks and cause attacks to all
 - can't be protected by allies
 Cosmic Fire
 -Absorbs Ranged attacks 
 -Defense gets stronger as any incoming range attacks
 Dark Phoenix
 - Either Death and Rebirth is triggered or Phoenix' health is KO'ed, 
   Dark Phoenix Abilities unlocks
 - If Phoenix' health if triggered Death and Rebirth is removed
 - Phoenix changes and causes damage to all 
 - Cannot change back to normal phoenix
 - Restores Phoenix health to 30%
 - When triggered passives removed except Cosmic Shields, Fire and Fiery Birds
 Cosmic Shields
 - Chance to spawn a shield
 Fiery Birds
 - Chance to do a pre-emptive attack with fiery mini-birds

Dark Phoenix

Level 1: Fiery Bolts

   One Enemy
  -Psychic Ranged Energy Attack

Level 2: Chaotic Telekineses (3 rounds)

  All Enemies
  -Stun (30%)

Level 6: Phoenix Raze (starts 2 rounds cooldown)

 -Devastating Fire
     Chance to do follow up attack against next psychic attack to all
 -Removes Buffs

Level 9: Devour (Starts Cooldown for 3 rounds)

   Phoenix Wave 
     - Can't be protected
     - Unleashes Flying Phoenix to all
   Desperation Attack
     - deals more damage against low health
    - Prevents Resurrection Effects

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