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gamma spac op-smash op!

note:i'm writing this ideas in here and in officel playdom forum!&p=27159#post27159 and not all of them is spac ops or heros hero:skkar(i wil publish him later) story: "in season 2 we have saw that the power who came from the pulse were an Invitation to Each group of villains,demons,mutents,Nazis,Robots and we got gamma and iso-8 Together inside madmens.hulk cant fight it alone so we need some more unsteble greens..."

heros to epic: Red Hulk\or any other pvp hero/angel,hulk and she-hulk.

Unstable Iso-8 Color:green

mission 1:Gamma mind  Mission Preview:"we didn't wantd hulk for brains,now it seems like we wil need him for that,but first,smash the monster on Avengers Mansion!"

Location:Avengers Mansion


battels: low(2X) FieldTech Researcher and FieldTech Director

med(1X) wave 1: Scientist wave 2: Director and Fire Chief

high(3X) FieldTech Specialist,Fire Chief and FieldTech Director

deploys:2(any blaster and bruiser)

after 2 wins:mini boss: Exoskeletal Battletank

reveal Dialogue:maria hill:"hulk,we found somthing strong." hulk:"is he smashable?" maria hill:"not sure" hulk:"let's see!"

start Dialogue :Exoskeletal Battletank:"Pressure activatd" hulk":"hulk Pressure isn't good,batter smash!"

repeat Dialogue:hulk:"I hope that A.I.M. Strengthened it" defeat Dialogue:hulk:"not smashable"

complete Dialogue:tony stark:"hulk,remind me to Strengthened my armor"

after ? wins:boss:Abomination

reveal Dialogue:maria hill:"hulk,we got a reUnion for you" hulk:" Blonsky? that one makes me angry,he won't like me When i'm angry!" 

start Dialogue :Abomination:"There is a bigger brain behind the curtain.your old friend. he sew bigger power in you and in this iso-8.thre's some of the mixup in me.wanna see?"

repeat Dialogue:hulk:"Perhaps you just enter the vault yourself?"

defeat Dialogue:abomination:"join us to the new world!"

complete Dialogue:hulk:"you need some more of this."

Complete mission 1:nick fury:"hill,you did my job Really good While I was away. somthing new?" maria hill:"oh,nothing besides:gamma and iso-8 Together inside criminels like Blonsky, and There is a somone named "bigger brain" that is Running and combines them with the gamma iso-8."nick fury:"what?!" 

boss rewerd:Gamma regenerator

Power Level: Customized

type:Buff Tech

Target: one Ally

Hit / Critical:100%

effect: regenerating-restores 15% halth (3 rounds)

There is more and it wil be publishd by me soon, but not in this Thread.

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