Originally found on MAA Wiki at User_blog:Vision0/23/2/13 Hello! This is my first blog so I do not have so much experience.

Special Operations 7-vision

Plot: a new type of Iso-8 found and S.H.I.E.L.D Sent vision to explore, but a strange signal drives the whole area

Mission 1:metallic Mayhem 

Team-Up:Scarlet Witch


mini boss:M-series Sentinels 

boss:Omega Sentinel

Mission 2:The radical vision


Enemies: .R.a.i.d

mini boss:whiplash


Mission 3:Exposure


Enemies:Hacked Servoguard

mini boss:m.o.d.o.K and Crimson Dynamo

boss:Kang the occupying


Deploy: Wasp, Scarlet Witch, cable

Gear: Supplys:EMP time bomb

The first weapon: killer of the sentinels (K.O.T.S)Fried Circuits to causes any robotic enemy automatic   Upgraded to the sentinel core that causes All stats increased 

Second weapon: Siiborg pistol

Makes any enemy to mechanical

Upgrade: unleashd virus Exploit Machines

The third weapon: P.E.W "vision"

No effect 


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