As first appeared on the now deleted M:AA Fanfic Wiki 2, July 8, 2014‎

To combat the Serpent & the Worthy, Odin allowed Tony Stark access to Asguardian weapons and magics. These weapons enhance the wielder's powers to unprecedented levels. 


  • 65 Command points (Blaster)
  • 75 command points (Tactician)


Absorb Energy: 

  • Energy attacks restore stamina 
  • Takes reduced damage from energy attacks


  • Immune to Fear, cower, radiation exposure, burning and chilled

Warrior's Spirit:

  • Grants all allies Strengthened
  • If two mighty are present, grants all allies fortified


Level One: Photon blast

  • Single-target energy ranged.
  • High crits. 
  • Lock-on (Enemy)

Level Two: Mighty Charge

  • Single-target melee buff
  • Kree speed
  • Grants 'Warrior's might' to all allies (Increases all stats. Immune to stat-decreasing effects) (Two rounds)

Level Six: Thick of Battle

  • Single-target enemy melee
  • Bleeding
  • Pummeled
  • Flanked (50% chance)

Level Nine: Absorb Energy

  • Healed by energy attacks
  • Quick-Action
  • All allies take reduced damage from energy attacks
  • Increases the damage of the next two attacks by 50%. 

Team-up bonuses:



Distaff Counterpart

Proud to serve

Keep it Secret

The Mighty

Newly Assembled

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